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I’m Tara

UX Design & Graphic Design,

Business Analyst, Project Manager,



Tara’s Portfolio

jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.  – William Shakespeare

25+ Years Experience 

I’m an experienced IT professional who has had the great opportunity to find myself in a variety of industries, project types and positions throughout my career. I have been fortunate enough to see projects through from beginning to end in a variety of different roles. I am a seasoned business analyst who also has project/product management experience. I began my career in software development and quickly escalated to project leader and project manager of various project teams. I have been focusing on my own consulting company for the past years, everything from programming to business analysis to also running my own freelance graphic company! I have a very analytical mind with the fortunate addition of being extremely creative and a dedicated problem solver. I thrive on understanding the big picture problems and finding both ways of solving these, as well as dividing it into manageable stages for development, testing and tracking. I am able to precisely vocalize these steps, goals and outcomes to both end stakeholders as well as engineering teams!

UX Research & Design

UX Project Design Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi Figma Prototyping

Rock Band Merch App - Portfolio Study

Google UX Design Course Project, to design a Merch app for a band.  The app differs from other band merch apps as it allows customers to pickup their pre-purchased merch at the concert, avoiding lineups during intermission and deciding last minute at concerts.  Users also wanted the ability to pre-order and ship their concert merch so it could be used on the day of the concert.

Website Design

Ecommerce, Professional, Corporation, Blogs

Graphic Design & Marketing

Graphic Design and Marketing Materials

Video Marketing & Tutorials

Engagement Videos, Tutorial Videos and Warp Speed Videos

Skills & Experience

Freelance Graphic Design Company

Specializing in Sublimation and SVG designs for the crafting world, I have a dedicated fan base of repeat customers, a successful Social Media Following and a strong online presence of my work and tutorials.  As a business owner, I am responsible for the entire day to day process of running a business, research, design, website, customer service and social interaction.

UX Design, Web Development, Scripting

Developing and maintaining my own website for my graphic company has evolved over the years, ensuring both a secure and a easy to navigate environment for all of my clients.  I have also design and implemented many other websites and web applications from the back end to the front end user experience.  I also use scripting on a daily basis to make my day to day process more efficient, whether it be through Photoshop actions, or PHP / Perl Scripts I write to process and package files.  

Project Manager, Business Analyst

Being in the software development industry for years has had me in a variety of positions, including managing projects and teams, as well as being the main liaison between stakeholders and the end users.  My analytical and organizational skills, paired with my technical knowledge and artistic background make me a strong addition to any team!


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of Calgary 1995

Google UX Design Certificate Progress 2022-2023

  • Creating High Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma
  • UX Research and Test Early Concepts
  • Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, Ideate
  • Foundations of User Experience UX Design




Logo Design, Printed Marketing Materials,  Online Marketing Campaigns

Graphic Design & Illustration

Adobe Suite Expertise, Affinity Design Vector Creation, Procreate Drawing

Full Project Experience

Research, Business Analysis, Project Management, Design, Development & Support, Programming, Automating, Scripting

Social Media

Social Media Campaigns, Interactions and Community Building

Industry Experience


Successfully build and maintain ecommerce websites.

Oil & Gas

Electronic Drilling Recorder, and SCADA software, BA and Management expertise


Stock market education including various options trade strategies, candlesticks and chart forecasting

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